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LobaDesk ERP

LobaDesk is an Enterprise Resource Portal is designed to manage and integrate the important parts of organisations. It facilitates the flow of information so as to ensure that business and organisational decisions can be data-driven. LobaDesk is built to collect and organize data from various levels of an organization to provide management with insight into key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time.

LobaDesk currently has the following modules.

  • Organisation and Media
  • Leave & Absence Planner
  • Staff Directory
  • Resources & Fixed Asset management
  • KPI Management
  • CRM & Sales
  • Projects & Tasks
  • Whistle Blower
  • Feedback & Suggestions
  • Requisition & Forms

LobaDesk ERP is designed to eliminate inefficiencies within an organisation. However the company needs to rethink the way it is organized, or else it may end up with incompatible technology. Implementation of LobaDesk ERP requires an outlined change management procedure by the organisation. LobaDesk may fail to achieve the objectives that influenced its installation because of a company's reluctance to abandon old working processes that are incompatible with the software. Aligning LobaDesk ERP with organization policies and procedures shall surely yield a great result.

Focus more on achieving results, because reports are automated.